Museum of Clean

Close to the end of our Montana vacation Mom, daughter, and I went to the Museum of Clean in Pocatello, Idaho.  It testifies to the need to clean displaying vacuums that worked without electricity, old washing machines, robotic statues made from vacuum hoses, and a large play area in which my daughter gleefully picked up window washing spray and a cloth and washed the sheet of plexi-glass.  All of this was brought together by Don Aslett, the same man who took us on a tour of the 2 story museum.  He has authored over 40 books on cleaning and built quite an empire out of a very humble cleaning business he began while in college.  Calling me a “member of the professional cleaners club” he signed a book he wrote for professional cleaners. 

Perhaps because I’m now a custodian of a very large church campus without funds for a professional cleaner, I find myself drawn to the books he’s written.  He tells me how to get a stain out of a carpet—make sure all the stain remover is flushed out with water!  He tells me what to use to wash kitchen walls—your dishwashing soap is made to cut grease.  He tells me that I can make things better, less dusty, if I just put down proper mats in entry ways. 

The idea that we can make things better is encouraging and dare I say it, holy.   

Don is a natural encourager, reminding those who clean for a living that they are the ones who care for all who enter the building, who make sure things are maintained, and who often point out safety issues (perhaps even fix them).  A good cleaner thinks about the best way to do something, knows what the cleaning agents do, and keeps his/her tools in good repair.  Before I read his books I thought cleaning as the never ending chore that had to be done.  He’s begun to transform my way of thinking—instead of the tedium of keeping dirt at bay, I am beginning to see cleaning as an art which makes life more lovely for us all. 

Jesus helped us believe that, if we became his disciples, we could make the world better.  He taught us how…prayer, community, scripture, service, love.  And, he gave us the Holy Spirit which turns us from a law led life to one of creative holiness.  We can find the best way to encourage another, the most effective way of serving the community, and we can keep our relationship with God in good repair.  If we do this, we can make things better and life more lovely for all those we touch. 

Often times the spiritual work we do goes unnoticed or unappreciated.  We don’t get any points for spending time in prayer.  But how wonderful it is when there is trouble and the relationship we have with God is in such good order, that we have the right tool to suck the trouble up and away.   It takes a lot of work to create community, lots of phone calls, the making of meals, and the inevitable clean up.  And yet…how wonderful it is when someone is struggling that there are 5 people who gladly call and help out where they can.  You get the idea.

We can make the world better! 

Get to it…and expect to be creative, to have some fun, and to learn a whole lot along the way.

In Christ,

Reverend Heather Miner



For those who have thought they might visit North Long Beach Christian Church, this Sunday, September 15th, is a great choice!  Elnora Beck will join our worship team by leading our opening praise.  And we are beginning a series called Voices of Prayer where we will listen to the prayers of others and allow them to inform our own.  

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