Coaching helps you find what you need to reach your highest goals.

Here’s the philosophy behind what I do:

When God finished creating all things on the sixth day, including humankind, God called it good.  Coaching begins with the idea that you have everything you need; you are whole and complete. You are good.

But it is often times hard to find your way because of all noise around you.

That’s where I come in.  I have learned the questions to ask that allow you to find your best way forward.  As a pastor, I am very good at helping you stretch and live into your higher calling.

This is not therapy.  I’m not digging into your childhood.  This is not consulting.  I do not know your business.  I tune into you, your understanding, and prayerfully guide you to your solution.  At the end of 30 minutes you will have a tangible take away that will make your life better.

Give it a try.

Email me at with your phone number and we will schedule a session. If you wish to continue for a season, we will negotiate a package that meets your needs and price point.

I look forward to coaching you!